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Rent a car Samos

Samos Rent a car

At Autoland rent a car Samos we guarantee the safety of all our cars for you and your family. With us you can be assured that your rental car on Samos is always in excellent condition, providing worry free travels

Samos rent a car company

Low Cost car Hire Services

As well as safe vehicles we also offer very affordable prices with car rental Samos. We have always provided the best value for your money across the island of Samos with our car rental services for more than 20 years.

rent a car samos

Excellent Customer Service

What we are most proud of here at Autoland Samos rent a car, is our exceptional customer service. We strive to make all our customers our friends and ways extending the hospitality you can only find on Samos.

Rent a car Samos with a Friendly touch

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Dedicated and Trusted Car Rental Samos Service

 At Autoland Rent a Car Samos, we want you to become our friend and help you discover the Real Samos, hidden from the common routes. We are very proud of our island, and want you to experience it through I eyes.
With our large variety of cars and motorbikes, we will help you discover every hidden natural treasure our island has to offer. Away from any tour groups or bus schedules, you have the freedom to where you want, when you want. Only with Autoland Car Rental company in  Samos.

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Rest Assured

Autoland Offers the Best Car Rentals on Samos

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We Always Strive to Make Our Customers Our Friends

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Quality Guaranteed

At Autoland We Stand by the Quality Maintanance of Our Cars and Moterbikes

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Safety is our First Priority

 You can stay rest assured that at Autoland we endeavor that our vehicles are always in perfect mechanical condition, being that Safety is our primary concern. We value our customers as we value our friends. In keeping with our commitment to safety, we provide free Child Safety Seats for the small members of your family, ensuring that during your travels with an Autoland Car Rental on Samos, you can have peace of mind.

Premium Car Hire Services

At Autoland we want you to enjoy your stay on our island. We take great pride in our land, and want all our customers… our friends to get the most of their stay on Samos, discovering its hidden beauty. This is why we deliver your rental car on Samos free of charge. Be it the Airport, the hotel you have chosen, or the sea port, we offer to take this burden off your shoulders so you can spend more time with getting to know our wonderful island.

Autoland Rent a Car Samos Offers:

Rental Cars

  • New models
  • Air Conditioning in all cars
  • Full insurance (F.D.W.)
  • Unlimited km
  • Full map of Samos
  • Free Car Delivery across the Island
  • Free Second Driver
  • Free Child Safety Seats


Rental Motorbikes

  • New scooters
  • Sizable wheels (16”)
  • Roomy comfortable seats
  • Included Helmets in a array of sizes

Why choose Autoland Rent a car Samos?

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A Personal Touch

At Autoland Samos Rent a Car, we take great pride in the care and maintenance of all our Rentals Cars and Motorbikes, giving attention to the smallest detail. And always with a Personal Touch.

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Friendliness and experience

Since 2000 we have provided outstanding service for car rental on Samos, as we have always treated our customers as our friends.

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Free Rental Delivery

By choosing Autoland Rent a Car Samos you can be assured the convenience of your stay on Samos, for we offer free delivery of your rental across the island, so you can focus just on your vacation.

Find the Real Samos

     A Car Rental on Samos will ensure that your stay with us is a memorable one.  Touring our magnificent island, you will discover traditional villages, whether mountainous or coastal, and finding the warmth and hospitality of the locals, always ready to greet you with a smile and a story. In our lively cities you will dance the night way. On our pristine beaches and coast lines, that are teaming with life under the Greek sun, above and below our blue-green sea, you will find sweet solace. And finally finding our tranquil natural valleys, with a cornucopia of trees and flowers, all adding to the natural sent of the land, will ask you to fall in love with Samos island.  

Every journey a discovery, every stop and adventure. Away from the common routes. Autoland Rent a Car Samos will get you there.

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